Friday, October 03, 2008

Sweet Dumpling Squash

It's more than a decoration.
Try this.
Buy a sweet dumpling squash. It looks like this:

Wash it. (You'll be eating the skin.)

Put it - whole - into a 320ºF oven, on a cookie sheet.

Turn it periodically, every 20 minutes or so - on its side, upside-down, however it will stand. As it softens, poke it with something sharp to let steam escape.

Cook it for an hour to an hour-and-a-half, more or less depending on its size and density. When it gives very easily to pressure and has a slight golden tinge, it's done.

Cool. About an hour. Slice.

Try it. It tastes like a very sweet yam or sweet potato. You can even eat the skin; it's sweeter still.

Watch for seeds.

You won't be disappointed. It's easy to see how this squash got its name. It's probably good, while still warm, with melted butter and maple syrup. I haven't made it that far yet.

Photos: Homegrown


Anonymous said...

Sweet dumplings are indescribably good. As they are usually represented in seed catalogs as heirloom squash, I chanced saving some seeds last year and grew my own in 09. Fan-tab ulous! I usually halve mine and scrape out the seeds, though. Cooks more quickly and cools faster too. Think there's any advantage to cooking whole? (midwestern Melis-not so anonymous really.)

Bix said...

Advantage? Not sure, but your way sounds great. (I'm just lazy.)

I haven't seen any in stores yet this fall. I hope more people try them and buy them so stores start carrying them.

Angela and Melinda said...

What a great, super-easy way to cook them, Bix! Maybe I'll try this w/ the Delicata squash I grew (well, I only got 3). Still....

Jamie Oliver (English chef) even cooks butternut squash w/ skin on, then purees whole thing, w/ skin, in making squash soup. So much easier than parting the squash from their skin!

Bix said...

Go for it, Melinda!

I've had delicata that taste similar to sweet dumpling. But, oh, as Melis said, sweet dumpling are indescribably good.

Unknown said...

Really excited to try it!! Thanks!!

SMiller said...

I grew my own sweet dumpling squash this year and harvested 20 from 2 plants. I half them and clean the seeds before cooking and eat the skin as you suggested. They are delicious. I will be growing them every year.

SMiller said...

I grew my own sweep dumpling squash this year and harvested about 20 from two plants. I half them and seed them before baking. I also eat the skin as you suggested and they are incredibly sweet and delicious. I will be growing them every year.

Bix said...

20 from 2 plants!

I wish I could grow some.

Anonymous said...

I grow Sweet Dumplings, they are heavenly. My recipe, found on a French blog... roughly translated:

Cut the top off and keep, take out seeds, stuff with:

Creme fraiche, fresh ham, fresh parmesan, nutmeg, salt, etc..

Put the top back on and bake.

Eat the whole thing, skin and all, it is the most heavenly recipe. I guarantee !

Otherwise, I just pierce skin a few times and put it in the microwave for about 6 minutes... and eat as a snack.