Thursday, January 24, 2008

Casein and Protein Amounts in Some Dairy Foods

Just for the fun of it, and because I've been reading studies like my previous post, I looked to see how much casein is in typical dairy foods.

Modification of Bovine β-Casein to Improve the Characteristics and Manufacturing Properties of Cow's Milk

The site above says that there are about 27.3 grams of casein in 1 liter of whole cow's milk. (The substance of that article is a little disturbing, but I was just browsing for casein content.) From that ...

Approximate! Casein Amounts:
6.5 g casein in 1 cup whole milk
5.7 g casein in 1 oz. cheddar cheese
11.3 g casein in 1 cup plain fat-free yogurt

Skim milk, low-fat cheese, and dryer cheese would provide more casein.

Approximate Protein Amounts:
3 oz. beef tenderloin - 24 g protein
3 oz. of cheese - 21 g protein
1 cup plain non-fat yogurt - 14 g protein
A half-cup cubed chicken breast - 22 g protein
3 oz white tuna - 20 g protein

Protein In Diet:
Low protein* (4.35%) of a 2000 calorie diet = 22 grams protein
High protein* (17.4 %) of a 2000 calorie diet = 87 grams protein
(Average US protein intake (15.4%) of a 2000 calorie diet = 77 grams protein)

The study in my previous post, taken in isolation, cannot inform on which component in casein affected liver tumor growth.

If it was the protein, and for whatever reason you're of a mind to apply the finding, you'd be limiting your total protein to ~22 g/day (assuming a 2000 calorie diet). (Plant-sourced protein may behave differently. This study did not elucidate.)

If it was the casein, you'd be limiting total casein intake to ~25 g/day (assuming a 2000 calorie diet).

* As defined by the previous study.


Anonymous said...

Do you know how much casein would be in whipping-cream or butter?

Bix said...

Hi Anonymous. Not offhand. But since casein is a protein, and butter is mostly fat, it would have very little.

(I just looked up ... a tablespoon of butter has about 0.1g of total protein. If casein made up about 80% of that, it would be less than a tenth of a gram. So ... negligible casein in something like butter is my guess.) (1/2 cup heavy whipping cream has about 2.5 g total protein, 80% is around 2 grams casein. These are approximate.)

Kiwa Miyahara said...

Could you tell me how much casein is in cream used for Baileys?? I need this information for some experiments witj baileys and tonic at school.