Thursday, December 12, 2013

Chris Voigt Ate Only Potatoes For 60 Days, His Health Improved

Chris Voigt is the Executive Director of the Washington State Potato Commission.

"After the USDA had proposed eliminating the potato or restricting its consumption in various federal feeding and nutrition programs, Chris decided to protest these proposals and ate nothing but potatoes for 60 days. His health improved and he lost weight. His potato only diet attracted a lot of media attention, which helped Congress to intervene and save the potato."
Some of his pre and post numbers:

Pre: 197 lbs
Post: 176 lbs

Pre:214 mg/dl
Mid: 162 mg/dl
Post: 147 mg/dl

Fasting Glucose:
Pre: 104 mg/dl
Post: 94 mg/dl


Bix said...

Really, we should not be demonizing the potato. Perhaps the potato with sour cream and bacon, or the potato deep fried and dipped in mayonnaise. You know...

Anrosh said...

Nothing tastes greater than a grilled\baked potato with salt and herbs -

Anybody who would have studied chemistry would know it better what happens when a starch and oil is put together - The combination is lethal. the oil or the starch by itself is great. Potato skin is Super.

The 100 % oils - Walnut, almond, coconuts, sesame, peanuts etc are all great - the devil is in the fake refined oil - wesson, canola etc

Just my 2 cents