Wednesday, October 16, 2013

First Pomegranate Of The Season

I wash it, slice the top off, cut it into quarters, and submerge them into cold water. (A cleaner operation would be to make about 6 scores in the skin running from top to bottom, then crack it open along the scores.) After a few minutes the skin softens and you can wiggle the kernels out easier.

The kernels keep in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. You can eat them by the spoonful (the outer fruit bursts in your mouth first leaving the nutty seeds left to chew), or the kernels can be blended and strained if the seeds are a nuisance.

By the way, pomegranate juice stains (another good use for handling them under water.) Take a look at my now pink cutting board.


RB said...

Bix, after seeing you post, I had to get a pomegranate. Prepared today just like your post. Delicious! I paid $2.50 for my pomegranate. Is that a typical price?

By the way, cranberries are in season too. I just got a couple of pounds. I plan to make cranberry sauce on Sunday sweetening it with raw honey.

Bix said...

That's exactly what I paid for it, $2.50 ea. Isn't it good? I can't believe it was only last year I had my first! I was all intimidated by the seeds.

How do you eat the cranberry sauce? I mean, what foods do you eat it with?

RB said...

Of course I like my cranberry sauce as part of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Typically I eat it as dessert after any dinner meal. It makes a good dessert because of its sweet and tart taste.