Monday, March 25, 2013

Vision Of The Future

BBC asked viewers to submit their visions of the future:
"We set the global BBC audience the challenge of imagining the future without words. We received more than 800 stills and videos from all corners of the world.

Eventually a panel of international judges representing five continents chose their favourites and from those just two winners were selected."
Here was the still image winner:

A judge from Europe said:
"The reason why I picked this drawing is that I thought it is a stunning, simple, thought-provoking image. The idea of our children being led and blinded by technology. It is a very bleak view of the future and the role of technology in it. I thought it was cold, horrific, powerful, but also it was like satire it is almost like it has already come true."


Ronald said...

Star Trekian.

Bix said...

The more I look at it, the more it reveals. It's disturbing how it shows a disdain, or a lack of appreciation for natural human ability. But it also elicits awe in how technology can expand or add another layer to our awareness of the world.

Star Trek, the old original William Shatner version, had an episode where aliens had lost most of their bodily functions. Their minds were surviving only within these body-machines. I think restoration of lost function - mobility or sight or hearing - is a great use of technology. But paradoxically technology can also cripple or limit natural development.

It also reminds me of Google Glass. Talk about Star Trekian!