Saturday, October 06, 2012

The Year's First Kabocha Squash

Sweeter than a sweet potato!



Angela and Melinda said...

So, do you just eat it plain?

Bix said...

I do. I never thought I would but I've developed a taste for it like that. I used to use it as an ingredient in quick breads, like pumpkin breads, which, you know, have disappeared from the menu. Then I tried using it in soups but it was too sweet. Where I buy them, the people who ring me up say they like them with butter and pumpkin pie spices.

But I eat it plain, as a snack.

Who knows if it will last. I used to like beets too but, bleh, too sweet these days. Maybe this will be a passing fancy.

Bix said...

I meant to say, it's like eating a banana. Same consistency, same level of sweetness.