Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Rye Bread, The Beginning

The journey begins ... I bought the rye. They're called "rye berries." Odd.

I couldn't decide which photo, inside or outside, showed it the best so here they both are. In these photos, the rye is on the far right. For comparison, spelt is in the middle, and wheat (hard red winter) is on the far left. (Click to enlarge.) Look how green the rye is.

I make bread every week with the wheat, that's why some of it is used. I've never made bread with spelt, which Wikipedia says is an ancient form of wheat. I'm curious how it tastes and bakes. I'll be mixing it into my weekly bread.


caulfieldkid said...

Well, I'm excited to see how this turns out. With that being said, I went back and looked through your wheat bread trials. . . Any new advice for grinding the grain?


Bix said...

I use the food grinding attachment on my mixer:

The blender didn't work. If I was stuck on a desert island (and had a knife) I'd finely mince the grains on a cutting board like I mince parsley. In fact, I may try that just so I know it works in case the electricity goes out.

bijin said...

Looking forward to your bread experiments.