Thursday, March 08, 2012

Why Aren't There Serious Third Party Candidates?

I thought this was interesting, in that he characterized our 2 parties as similar, and both center-right. And that as society becomes more unequal, as the middle class dissolves, political movements will become more distinct, and less compatible.

Zakaria: Why Aren't There Serious Third Party Candidates?, CNN, 7 March, 2012


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Angela and Melinda said...

Interesting Bix. Certainly we're becoming more divided, thanks partly to the extreme ideas of the far right. What I find fascinating--though it may not lead to a third party, as Zakaria says--is the upwelling of populist protest--first the unions in the midwest and recall elections of radically right politicians there, then the Occupy movement, and now WOMEN, who are galvanized to action by the new anti-woman policies of the knuckle-dragging crowd. People are finally rediscovering that their protest--if it reaches a critical mass--can actually MAKE A DIFFERENCE!