Thursday, January 19, 2012

Slow-Motion Flight

From: International Professional Jury Sings Praises Of High-Speed Animal Films Made By Amateurs, Wageningen University, Netherlands

These videos are something else.  Flight suddenly appears quite the effort.  Of the video below, Judge and Philosopher Bas Haring said:
"My favourite was the seemingly peaceable film showing a group of birds foraging. Thanks to the high-speed camera work, you also see the harsh reality of the ongoing struggle between these so-called sweet birds."
Watch how they use their beaks as weapons.

Filmed by Liset Karman and Cees Keyer.

I also like this one. It's a little dark. Watch how the tit suspends itself in mid-air, as if it's taking a rest and re-orienting before the next flap. All practically invisible at speeds humans live in.

Filmed by Remco Brand and Ansa Fiaz.


Angela and Melinda said...

W/ my adolescent-boy sense of humor, I have to laugh at the title of the second video. How puerile of me!

Angela and Melinda said...

But they are very cool videos. I love the slo-mo of flight--fascinating!

Claudia said...

Did you see that dove in the second one poke its head around? LOL!

Adele Hawkins said...

Cool! These are great reference videos.

Bix said...

Oh, flight!

Claudia, that neck-stretch! I watched it again (and again and again). And in the first video (after I stopped gawking over the battle and hoping that little foot wasn't forever stuck to the feeder) I paid attention to the surroundings. Everyone kept eating! That one that came into view on the bottom right as the feeder turned, munching away, watching the brawl like it was a TV wrestling match.