Thursday, December 08, 2011

Dr. Cinque: "The Sensible, Sane Way To Optimize Your Blood Sugar"

I enjoy reading Dr. Cinque's blog. I don't always agree with him but about diet we're on the same page.

In his latest post, Carbs And Blood Sugar, he questions Drs. Mercola and Rosedale's* advice to eat little-to-no foods that contain primarily carbohydrates. This would have one eliminate foods such as apples, yams, squash, rice, potatoes, corn, bananas, etc. He does not, however recommend "eating nothing but starches and fruits and vegetables, as per McDougall or Esselstyn. Healthy fats are just as good for you as healthy starches, and I am for moderation with both. To demonize carbs or fats is extreme, and I mean really bizarre."

He's funny! He wraps up:
"Find a good balance of protein, fats, and carbs in your diet; go for quality in all the foods that you eat; keep an eye on your total caloric intake, and cut out every single junk food; and also stay as physically active as possible. Also, try to avoid snacking. Eat your meals and "fast" in-between meals. That's the sensible, sane way to optimize your blood sugar."
Seems sensible to me.
* I'm not familiar with Mercola and Rosedale; I'm just paraphrasing Cinque.


Bix said...

From reading Cinque, I suppose nuts and seeds, mostly raw, make up his "good fats."

Drinking Water Filter said...

Just like you, I love reading Dr. Mercola's blog. And they both talk about carbs and sugar as major factor in having unwanted disease like cancer. SO it would really be helpful that people will have opportunity to know this kind of information so I appreciate your effort for lending this knowledge.

Bix said...

Well, I don't read Dr. Mercola's blog, but at your good word I'll have a look.