Saturday, August 06, 2011

Is There Cost Savings In A Single-Payer Healthcare System?

I see this as wasteful:
"US physicians spend an estimated $27.6 billion more each year on administrative costs in a health care system with multiple health insurance plans than Canadian physicians practicing in a single-payer system."
- US Physicians Spend $27 Billion More On Health Insurance Costs Than Canadian Physicians, news@JAMA, August 4, 2011
- Canadian physicians spend $22,205/yr in administrative costs.
- US physicians spend $86,975/yr in administrative costs.

- Medical staff spend 20.6 hours/wk on administrative tasks in the US.
- Medical staff spend 2.5 hours/wk on administrative tasks in Canada.

Can't we find a better, less convoluted, and more equitable way to administer health care in this country?
That photograph is how I feel dealing with insurance forms, figuring out copays, coinsurance, premiums, deductibles, covered/noncovered services, collecting and completing forms for health savings accounts, health spending accounts, comparing and contrasting insurance plans. I'm amazed at how much time this takes.

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