Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Cultural Differences



RB said...

Very interesting. I liked the reaction of the Sudanese to the food on the plane and the junk food (chips, donuts) in America. Its a shame that junk food is one of the first thing these guys learned about the American culture.

manu said...

... by that rate (trying all kinds of junk food) I bet 20€ they'll be obese in a year or so.

Also I find it strange that they say americans don't talk to strangers, in my case I remember complete strangers just chatting away and giving details about their lifes etc while we waited for a bus (doesn't tend to happen in big european cities.

But about them saying they were intimidated by their large group, that's a bit racist if it was a group of swedes or dutch they would not feel the same

Bix said...

It did seem racist. Right after that a woman in the pool asked, "Do you have a lot of freedom here, that you didn't have?"