Thursday, March 17, 2011


I'm not at all comfortable cooking with chilies, so this is an experiment for me. These didn't seem too hot:

I wanted something I could use in a pinch. So I cut one open, discarded the ribs and seeds, and whizzed the rest in my coffee/spice grinder:

Here I took about a quarter teaspoon and reconstituted it with a little water. I added this to a soup. It was a little hot by itself but the heat dissipated in the soup and it left a smoky, earthy flavor. I could get used to this.



Leo said...

I love chilies! For me, the hotter the better!Today I scrambled eggs with onions and serrano peppers and then topped it with a can of spicy chili with cayenne pepper, pepper flakes and Tapatio hot sauce! haha! It was good! ;) peace

Sammie said...

Chiles scare me. I don't take to hot and spicy very well but I've been meaning to do my research and start out slow!

Bix said...

Holy cow, Leo, your mouth is indestructible!

Leo said...

@bix lol, I think I'm just used to it by now. I will actually crave hot peppers, maybe that's something you can research. :) Remember my potato cravings a few years ago (dang, we have been following each other forever!), where I would just go on a mashed potato, potato salad, jo jo potatoes feast? I don't have those anymore, but I do crave hot stuff! Still don't like sweets, actually that's getting worse, the smell of a hot fudge sundae can make me gag! ;) peace