Monday, February 21, 2011

Kabocha Squash From Rico Farms

It would have been a lean January but for these kabocha squash. If I had to pick a favorite food, this is it. And these, of the type, are the best I've ever had - deep orange, sweet, soft - not stringy or mealy. Thanks to Rico Farms, I can enjoy them as the snow piles up outside.

Francisco Tapia Jr. and Sr. grow them on their small, family-owned and -run farm in Sonora, Mexico along with other squashes, melons, and grapes. I like knowing my purchase rewards their work, supports more environmentally-friendly growing methods, and strengthens rural communities.

The USDA says "Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food." I'm working on it!

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Rabbit on Crack said...

OMG I love their squash!!!!! Im so sad bc i live in Miami and cant find them anymore. Its the most delicious thing i ever eat