Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hans Rosling: "We Have Become An Entirely New Converging World"

Dr. Hans Rosling tells the story of the world since 1810 in 4 minutes using an animated graph that plots life expectancy against wealth. Amazing:1

Rosling co-founded the Gapminder Foundation which developed the Trendalyzer software used in the graph above. Google loved Trendalyzer so much it acquired it in 2007. They employ it in their new Public Data Explorer.

I love seeing the world advancing along the health-wealth trend line. But I can't help wondering if that will mean more meat consumption, which will mean more industrial livestock farms with their attendant pollution, resource depletion, and ethical dilemmas.

Is he right? Will "everyone be able to make it to the healthy wealthy corner?" I love his optimism.
1 The clip is from a BBC program, "The Joy of Stats."


Anonymous said...

The video was pretty neat.

Claudia said...

Everyone may get healthier and wealthier but not without a huge cost to the environment.

Humans are so species-centric.