Sunday, February 14, 2010


Heart attacks happen more often from undetected and largely undetectable ruptures in coronary arteries than they do from places in vessels we end up stenting, grafting, ballooning, or bypassing. We die from the plaque we can't see. YouTube

Consumers Report tested bagged salads, 40% exceeded safe limits for coliform bacteria - an indicator of the presence of poop. Organic, prewashed, triple washed - they all had unsafe levels of poop remnants. Although no shiga-making (thus, deadly) E. coli O157:H7 was found, tests were not conducted for the over 100 other shiga-making (thus, deadly) E. coli that the CDC says are also associated with outbreaks, illness, and death. Consumers Union, Consumer Reports

Monsanto, after spending many years and many dollars designing, researching, and promoting two genetically engineered corn varieties has decided, suddenly and with no public explanation, to abandon them. They were expected to generate several $billion/yr in sales. Why? Europe asked them to explain inconsistencies and omissions in their studies & to submit additional research. Not only did Monsanto stop seeking approval to grow&sell the GM seed, they requested, and received, the return of all documentation they submitted. Odd. Permaculture Research Institute of Australia, Institute of Science in Society


virginia said...

Thank you, European Union.

Matt said...

Your first point is the dirty little secret cardiologists hold. What we need to do is reduce our arterial plaque. How do we do this? Improve your LDL pattern from small to large by avoiding wheat and sugar, which damage our arteries and cause plaque to build up since the "plaque" is our body's method of healing the damage they cause. Take Fish oil. Take Niacin.

Bix said...

I wonder what Bill Clinton's cardiologists are telling him.

virginia said...

I wonder if Clinton noticed this news about Monsanto - they're involved with his Global Initiative.