Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dr. Weil On Greed And X-Rays

Dr. Andrew Weil has been increasing his internet exposure. In addition to his website, he now has a blog, a Twitter account, a Facebook page, and has been writing articles for the Huffington Post. What's his impetus? Likely promotion for his new book, "Why Our Health Matters." Whatever the reason, it's nice to hear his more integrated perspective on matters of health.

His latest Huffington blog post:
Fear, Greed and X-Rays
"It's vital to sever the link between ordering tests and making money."
I don't always agree with him. He promotes supplements too much for my taste. But that quote above? Dead on.
Photo of Dr Weil with his biodiesel machine (not his imaging equipment), which converts vegetable oil into fuel for his car, from his Facebook page.


Perovskia said...

That was an interesting article. I particularly like the quote..

"We took a wrong turn when doctors stopped being doctors and became businessmen."

I think that is key.

I hear stories like this about Americans all the time, and I can't comment that Canadians are the same. I don't know how we're.. different. Running an x-ray, to me, is no big deal because our national health care pays for it, so *I* don't have to. But to the hospital itself, I'm sure it generates some sort of income, though many of ours these days are running deficits.

Melinda said...

"Dead" on is right. (I'm having trouble accessing google accounts.)

Bix said...

(My Google was out of commission too, Melinda.)