Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Non-GMO Project Advertised In Times Square

The Non-GMO Project published this photograph of Times Square, New York City, today on their Facebook page. Their caption:
"This photo is from a webcam in Times Square last Tuesday afternoon. Whole Foods coordinated display of the Non-GMO Project seal there and in Las Vegas to help start building brand recognition for the Non-GMO Project. It's so exciting to finally have a positive way to engage people on the GMO issue!"

Love seeing the momentum building for this.


Perovskia said...

Wow, I wish Canada had that sort of 'umph' about this, but our PM, well, I'll save that for another vent.

Bix said...

The thing is ... our government wants nothing to do with labeling GMOs. This particular effort is coming from industry, which in turn is coming from consumer demand. This appears to be a consumer-driven change. I hope it takes off.

Perovskia said...

For your (and everyone else's) sake, I hope it does, too. Right now we're too caught up in the "100 Mile Diet" phenomenon, so I'm sure we'll come around to GMO later :)