Monday, July 06, 2009

How Often Do You Eat Organic Produce?

You buy/eat organic (as opposed to conventional or non-organic) fruits and vegetables :

1. Exclusively
2. Most of the time
3. If it looks good & the price is right
4. Once in a while
5. Never
6. Not sure/Don't pay attention

There's a poll for this question on the sidebar. I've added this post for a place to comment.

Poll Results

You buy/eat organic fruits and vegs:

Photo of produce vendor at Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA, 1975, from Seattle Municipal Flickr stream.


Perovskia said...

I'm terrible for this. I don't have the money to eat organic. I try to buy from market when I can, but organic in the store is too much to keep it as a regular basis. :(

MyDailyQuestion said...

That's Alfred Hitchcock in the picture! There must be a crime about to happen at the Hitchcock Organic Food and Mayhem Store.

Jennywenny said...

I dont generally seek out organic produce although I am a member of an organic CSA, so most of our fruit and veggies are organic, and if I dont manage to get my eggs in the farmers market I always go for organic eggs hoping they are slightly less bad than the regular ones.

Organic stuff in the supermarket usually looks a bit pathetic...

Maria Verivaki said...

we grow most of our fresh produce - but it's not organic

Marie, Sellwood Garden Club said...

All the time; I grow it myself.

Anonymous said...


Better to find a local small flock egg producer than to buy store eggs. Those store bought organic eggs are mostly a marketing scheme, as even the 'free range' organic eggs are no better in terms of nutrition than battery cage eggs.

Story here:

Anonymous said...

We buy those items that are high in pesticide residue and that we cannot grow ourselves in the organic section of the grocery store. We organically grow a lot of our own food. We've been a part of a CSA in our previous living circumstances though haven't done that here. Our garden is much larger and we are much further from the CSA, but they have a fruit-only share after which I harbor lust. . .

Anrosh said... - this might interest our readers. i don't understand a whole lot what is written, but i have heard my grandfather who was a farmer talking about this and have heard bits and pieces of the stages of farming when we visited them during vacations.

poor farmers practised this even 15years ago. so don't go by the dates in the article -- just the process incase you might be interested.

growing up in bombay, i don't think i understood what farming really was and did not take interest in it either, because i lived in a 600 sq. feet apartment where my mother grew some herbs. and i always thought farming was always for people who had land.

and for me trying... my old basil is sprouting ...all in nice soil - talk about small pleasures.

esmaa - my eyes have popped out !

Bix said...

Well, if that isn't Alfred Hitchcock! It's gotta be.

There *is* something ambiguously sinister about a greengrocer watering his 2-for-$0.29 scallions with a flower-embossed watering can.