Saturday, July 11, 2009


Don't watch this if you believe in homeopathy.

"I don't know, sometimes I think a trace solution of deadly nightshade or a statistically negligible quantity of arsenic just isn't enough."


Perovskia said...

LOL. That was awesome. I love those guys.

Maria Verivaki said...

absolutely loved it!
it's given me ideas for a similar post!!!

Bryan - oz4caster said...

My sentiments about homeopathy exactly! Thanks for sharing :)

I need some humor after having to rebuild my hard drive from scratch after contracting a fake anit-virus malware program (attacks Windows XP computers and can load from web pages with hacked advertisements - beware and be sure to get the Windows XP update scheduled for Tue Jul 14 to fix the vulnerability).

And as for true homeopathy, giving a patient a greatly diluted poison that can produce similar symptoms to a particular ailment seems very unscientific to me. I don't see how it could possibly do any better than a placebo. I do, however, believe in holistic health care that includes diet as the primary basis, but can also include herbal or refined medical treatments when appropriate (mainly in trauma situations or to boost the body's natural healing ability).

Bix said...

Ugh. I don't want another virus. I had one a few months ago and I had to reformat my hard drive. I'll go to Windows Update and see what they have. Thanks for the heads up, Bryan.

Your description of holistic ... thought you summed that nicely. Diet, some exercise, some herbs or supplements when needed, manage stress, sleep ... lots of great things there.