Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How Would You Categorize Your Diet?

Your diet:

1. Vegan (no food from animal sources)
2. Vegetarian (vegan plus eggs, dairy, and honey)
3. Pescetarian (vegetarian plus seafood)
4. Flexitarian (vegetarian who occasionally eats meat)
5. Omnivore (most foods)
6. Carnivore (emphasis on animal foods)

There's a poll for this question on the sidebar. I've added this post for a place to comment.



Photo of boy eating stink bugs in Indonesia from NOVA: Bugs You Can Eat. The caption read:
"If one must, it's advisable to begin by eating insects that crisp up well when roasted. I wouldn't suggest starting with anything too chewy, like a worm, or too fleshy, like cicadas. You want to ease into the experience while not making a total fool of yourself. It's helpful if the people with whom you are feasting are under the age of ten. They will be paying more attention to the meal at hand than to you. … Stink bugs fit the category of crispy insect. … The taste experience is rather like eating a bitter sunflower seed, shell and all, without salt. I chew quickly."


Jennywenny said...

I call myself a lazy vegetarian, I do eat fish, I'm not very fussy about making sure I dont eat gelatin but I cant bring myself to eat meat.

I'm pretty careful about getting good eggs, I should be more careful about my dairy and seafood.

I imagine I'd get all kinds of flames from all kinds of people for being so hypocritical. There are probably lots like me.

Lenny said...

I'm a whatatarian. My wife puts food in front of me. I wolf it down then say "What was that?"

Bix said...


If wolves eat like dogs, knowing how my dog ate, I can understand where the phrase "wolf it down" came from.

My dog once ate a hot dog and (stop reading now if you're easily grossed) the thing came out the other end intact a day later.

Bix said...

Wow, there are a lot more fish eaters than I would have guessed.

Bix said...

Jenny ... Know what you mean. I thought the poll would work because it's anonymous.

Angela and Melinda said...

Well, I'm a vegetarian, except I also eat stink bugs.

Duyvken said...

Interesting that you have included so many options Bix but not the one that fits me best! I consider myself to be a 'strict vegetarian'. I am not lacto-ovo but I eat honey, wear leather, am not fussed about the glues used in my books and household products, etc. Vegan has always seemed to have a lifestyle element to which I feel no compulsion to adhere but I do not want to include eggs and dairy in my diet so I am a little disappointed that the lacto-ovo descriptor seems to be disappearing.
I'll be interested to see the results of your poll, what info are you hoping to gather?

Bix said...

Hi Amelia,

There are so many categories anymore. I was just going to do a vegetarian vs. omnivore, but started including more defined groups. After a while, it was like inviting relatives to a wedding, I knew I'd leave someone out. (Sorry :) The fruitarians, the raw foodists, the lacto- but not ovo-, the ovo- but not lacto-, the gluten-free, the paleo, the low-carbers... Glad for your input though. I was just curious how people eat, how the groups break down.

Duyvken said...

That makes sense Bix, and to most peole my diet seems pretty to fit the vegan tag but vegans I meet disagree. It's always interesting to see how we label ourselves and why we feel like we need to.

Bix said...

Yep ... more banner material. Thanks Duyvken.