Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I came across this list and I wondered what people thought of it. (Click to enlarge.)


LLoyd said...

Their diet is based on processed food from a supermarket. Microwave popcorn!? Rancid cheap fake butter. Graham crackers!? Fat-free pudding!? Crapola. And also string cheese! Look I have some in my desk. The candy machine is calling your name because you are delusional.

RB said...

Its so-so. Do people who make these list know about good nutrition or just calorie counting? Foods that are nutritious, that leaves one feel full are the best snacks. They usually means fruits, vegetables and nuts.

As far as the list goes:
Vegetable juice is OK. How about 8oz. of orange or apple juice.
Frozen grapes? Why not raisins or fresh grapes? Cherries are good too.
I vote for Apples. I take apples to work for a snack. Bananas are good.
Carrots are good, skip the dressing, Why not celery sticks?
Peanuts are good.
I like unsalted walnuts and almonds.

Everything else on the list can go.

caulfieldkid said...

I think the point is about making better choices, not the best. If someone eats their carrots with ranch dressing over a candy bar then this list succeeded in what it was meant to do.

I think most people who read this blog have a fairly high interest in nutrition. This chart isn't meant for us. I suppose if it was found in a break room or at a k12, I would be fine with it. If it was used in a college course in nutrition, I would not be fine with it.

Bix said...

Thank you, I really appreciate the feedback.

One thing I thought was odd ... if there's a candy machine down the hall, you might guess the person is in a office. Are soup or baked potatoes that accessible?

I think a good answer to that question - what to eat when you spend 8 or more hours in an office or jobsite - is hard to come by.

Bix said...

I should have said ... what to eat that's healthy.

Anrosh said...

eating junk makes one to count calories -- does one want to count calories when one eats straight from the earth or when one stops eating when one feels full and do not go for a 2nd or a 3rd serving ?

i learnt all this the very very hard way.

Remove the vending machine from everywhere and put fruits in it and i am sure the people who wanted to munch ( especially the 3 'oclock and the 10.30 growl ) will go munching this.

obesity of this country will be solved by some points for sure.

BizBuzz said...

Little late to the party, but yeah, my first thought was, this is processed food. Who cares about calories when your dealing with stuff like Aspartame (sugar free hot chocolate) or low fat yogurt (which usually has chemicals you cannot pronounce) and the big one I just discovered - there is HFCS in vegetable soup. Yeah, crazy. Thanks for that list, something for me to talk about again on my blog.

Bix said...

I absolutely love reading what everyone is saying. I could talk for days about this kind of handout.

Watchman said...

They’re talking about an office setting that seems rather lax and privileged, again a rather insular view of eating environments. What if you are in a manufacturing facility or dealing with the public are you going to pull out a baked potato and start eating. I think fruit is a sensible snack for work environments. It’s portable, doesn’t require preparation, besides washing, and versatile. Microwave popcorn is horrid stuff. Smells like broccoli water.

Bix said...

"What if you are in a manufacturing facility or dealing with the public are you going to pull out a baked potato and start eating."


Ruby said...

My ideal handout would be much smaller. It would say, "It's midafternoon and the candy machine is calling your name. Ignore it! Take a 10 minute walk outside instead to clear your mind."

But I'm not much of a snacker. The only time I really do it is when I'm bored, which I think would cover about 75% of the people reading that sign.