Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Genetically Engineered Food Crops

Virginia sent this link to a list of genetically engineered food crops:
PCC Natural Markets, Genetically Engineered US Food Crops

For crying out loud, this constitutes my entire diet! I had no idea GE was making such aggressive inroads to fresh fruits and vegetables. (The list is current as of August 6, 2007. Does anyone know if something jumped from the "in development" list to the "marketed" list since then?)


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Anonymous said...

There is less of an invasion in our or your fresh food , even after the last 13yrs in the USA.The main concern is stealth gmo contamination in processed or 'fast' foods via oils or flavor enhancers such as the added corn ,canola or rapeseed or cottonseed.Don't give up the right to know via labeling and grow your own.