Wednesday, December 03, 2008

There's A Hubbard In The Oven

This is a tribute to Family Nutritionist who has spoken highly of Hubbards, as well as souped them. Her accolades made me try one.

By Blue Hubbard (aka Grey Hubbard) standards, mine was miniature. In the photo to the right, the Blue Hubbards are at the bottom. They belong to a species of squash that can grow relatively large, exceeding 100 pounds. I was lucky if mine was 4 or 5 pounds. I culled no more than a cup of flesh for all my toils.

What I learned ...
It's blue on the outside, monstrous in the oven, and pretty succulent (pretty and succulent) when cracked open. I shouldn't say cracked ... if you cook it first, as I did (1.5 hours at 310ºF plus 0.5 hours with oven turned off), you don't have to wrestle it ... "sliced open" is more accurate. Actually, this squash was so moist I could hold it in my hands and nudge it open.

Hubbard ... moist, mild, and golden. I never would have guessed.

Top photo from Karen Hitchcock's Flicker photo stream. Karen takes nice photos.
Bottom photos: Bix.

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