Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Bitten: Mark Bittman on Food

Well, how about that. Mark Bittman has a blog. (Thank you, Melinda.)

Bitten: Mark Bittman on Food

It doesn't look like he posts often. Although he did make a few comments yesterday about his recent article that appeared in the New York Times, the one we discussed on my post, Got Vegetables?:

Eating Meat Is Only Human, Bitten, 5 Feb 2008

He lamented (I think he was lamenting), that he "got only two comments [on his original article]: one from a cattle rancher with some smart reasoning, and one from someone who was a little more emotional."

I liked his original article, Rethinking the Meat-Guzzler, but this little item he blogged last night made the argument ...
"... why kill animals for food when it isn’t necessary? — the defense is this: it may be inhumane, but it isn’t un-human. It’s traditional. It’s mainstream, and almost everyone alive who can eat meat does so."
...that I think barely treads water. There are some very good arguments to defend the killing of animals for food. But, "It's traditional"? "It's mainstream"? Oh boy, Mark is getting the comments now!

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