Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Williams-Sonoma's Greens

Speaking of plants that serve as ornaments ...

I was flipping through a Williams-Sonoma catalog (I can't believe the number of unsolicited catalogs we get this time of year. We'll get the same catalog from the same company but with a different cover page every 3 or 4 days. Catalogers should follow the no double-dipping credo - send once and end it.) and saw this photo and gasped.

I cook with bay leaves. One little 0.16 ounce jar lasts me about 6 months. The leaves in these decorations would last me a lifetime. I wonder if the folks who order them actually cook with them.
Clicking the photo will take you to Williams-Sonoma's online catalog, where this garland and wreath are for purchase. Given the price I pay for my 0.16 ounce jar, I would have thought a whole garland of bay leaves would break my bank. I'm tempted to buy it, dry it, and be in the bay for years.

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