Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Face of Diabetes

The photo I chose to illustrate my previous post on depression and its relationship to diabetes (Depression Ups Risk For Heart Attack) is typical of the Face of Diabetes for me. The photos below, from actual diabetes-related advertisements, are not typical of the Face of Diabetes for me.

Below are a few more photos of what diabetes looks like to me. I'm not saying that I never see diabetes in the slender, the smiling, the socially and economically secure. But the people in the photos below are more familiar to me.

The photos above are from a series of articles the New York Times ran on diabetes in January, 2006.1 There are more at this link.
1 The New York Times four-part series on diabetes. (I think you can get to most of them without signing in.):
Diabetes and Its Awful Toll Quietly Emerge as a Crisis
By the Numbers: One Scourge in 2 Forms
In the Treatment of Diabetes, Success Often Does Not Pay
East Meets West, Adding Pounds and Peril
Living at an Epicenter of Diabetes, Defiance and Despair
I think the photographer, Vincent Laforet, did a great job of capturing the reality of this disease.

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