Thursday, December 28, 2006

Recycled Livestock, Recycled Safety Label

I see. If you're going to be growing the same animal, why bother creating a new label for it:

FDA: No Safety Labels Needed on Cloned Food

There are people who make their food decisions based on factors other than food safety. Why not give them a label? It's the considerate thing to do. I mean, what harm is there in a label? Especially given the number of folks who say they're uncomfortable with animal cloning:

The FDA is due to make their no-label-needed announcement today. If you'd like to tell them how you feel about it, it's easy. Just visit the FDA's "Dockets Open for Comment" site and select "Submit Comment" next to the subject of interest. (You may need to click the "Sort" button above "Published Date" until you see the date 12/28/06.)

Chart source: Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology, Public Sentiment About Genetically Modified Food (pdf), 2006.

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