Thursday, August 10, 2006


To everyone who emailed or commented in the last few days, thank you. Your feedback and kind support have been, well, exhilarating. When Google's Blogger listed me as a Blog of Note, my daily hits went from several hundred to several thousand. As there was a commensurate spike in communiqué, I'm a little (but shapely) behind in my replies. Rest assured, if you emailed me, I will respond - if just to gush some more.

While I'm whittling away at the backlog, help yourself to the sight of a chunk of ginger root I haphazardly poked into a pot that once contained a nice spray of parsley - until the parsley bugs gorged themselves.

Ginger Root with Sprout

I suspect the green spike next to the root may be related to it. They wiggle in unison when nudged. Maybe someone with a little horticulture know-how could weigh in. (If so, I'd be pleased to know if ginger can be grown in a pot, indoors, in the winter.)

If I haven't already mentioned, ginger is, among other things, one terrific analgesic (pain reliever).1 A great Vioxx-alternative for hard-working, whittling fingers!

1 Biological Basis for the Use of Botanicals in Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Review

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