Thursday, July 06, 2006

Surprises, That's All

You can't work in the diabetes field and not be immersed in its complications. There are the acute and traumatic ones, like amputations, kidney failure, and of course heart attack. But most diabetes complications are insidious - quiet, slow to develop, just a nuisance when they first appear, and eventually chronically debilitating if nothing is done to stem their progress. This is not a pretty disease. It surprises me when people take a lighthearted approach to its management.

It also surprises me to hear more people I know getting diagnosed. At a July 4th picnic this weekend, all three of the people I was talking to admitted having it. That could be a function of my age. But I'm also aware that its incidence is on the rise.

By the way, someone needs to come up with a better way to test blood sugar.

That's all.

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