Thursday, August 18, 2005


I often eat while at my computer. There are walnut crumbs nestled between my keys, raisin essence stuck to my mouse, and a smear of watermelon juice across my screen. I've taken to stretching a piece of plastic wrap over my keyboard to prevent my keys from gumming up and sticking in the down position.

Right now I'm eating cantaloupe, that same cantaloupe you see up there. Mmmm, I got to say, this is one fine melon. So fine I ran its numbers too, out of curiosity. (See right for nutrients in one cup, cubed.)

If a 54 calorie serving can pack 108% of the DRI for vitamin A (mostly cancer-fighting carotenoids), and 98% for vitamin C, well count me as a cube consumer.

Sadly the Dietary Reference Intake for vitamin C is only 60 mg. So 98% of 60 mg. probably doesn't qualify as "packing". Still, Flintstones Chewables only offer 50 mg, and Centrum only 60 mg. I think I'll stick with a cup of cubed cantaloupe for my 60 mg., thank you. I'm not in the mood for FD&C blue #2, FD&C red #3, and FD&C yellow #6 at the moment.

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