Saturday, February 19, 2005

Is it Wild, or is it Farmed?

It's both?

I just got back* from the grocery store where I'd hoped to satisfy a craving for smoked salmon. While rummaging through a pile of prepackaged Wildcatch (brand) smoked salmon, I noticed a tiny paragraph that said "this product came from a fishery". Wow. All over the package were words blatantly advertising that the salmon was "caught wild in the pristine waters of Alaska".

So I came home and tried to investigate further, but this was all I found:

* Feb 25 Update - My error. I originally posted the name as WildCaught. In fact it is Wildcatch. URL updated. Unfortunately, I'm still looking at salmon caught wild from a fishery? I long for a bit more clarification, Wildcatch. I'm afraid your description "certified sustainable wild salmon" leaves me perplexed.

Caveat emptor?

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