Friday, November 26, 2004

At the Produce Market

While we were at the produce market picking up our Thanksgiving turkey, I noticed the soon-to-close-for-the-season market had lots of apples for sale.

Husband: "You could make a pie."
Me (to myself): There's no way I have the time to make a pie!
Husband: "They have so many kinds. You could put some of each in a pie."
Me (to myself): All that peeling. And the crust! It takes forever!"
Husband: "Look, they have locally grown Granny Smith."
Me (as I'm putting the locally grown Granny Smith into my basket): "Hm, I rarely see Granny Smith with a reddish skin."
Husband: "Aren't they supposed to be good in a pie?"
Me (to myself) Well, they're tart, but you have to mix them with a sweeter apple, if...
Husband: "What are these?"
Me: "They're Crispin or Mutsu. They're supposed to be good in a pie."
Husband: "Why are you buying all these apples?"
Me: "I'm going to make a pie."

Clockwise from upper left: 5 Royal Gala, 2 Crispin (Mutsu), 2 Jonagold, 3 Granny Smith

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