Friday, November 19, 2004

Ahh, I'm Home

Maybe I'm only a food fanatic because I was born and raised in the US. A Parisian birth would see me blending in like pear and cheese.

From an article in the Guardian:

"Compare our 'food experience' to that of the French: the time that the average British family takes to prepare a meal has shrunk from two hours to 15 minutes in the past few years. And, while we are speed-eating, cramming in a Kingsize Mars before the lights turn green, the French are taking smaller mouthfuls, resting their cutlery between bites, discussing the food - often because it is worthy of discussion."

"I eat up to five slices of bread for breakfast. For lunch, I'll eat salmon or sea bass with green vegetables. With that I have water (I rarely drink alcohol). At 4pm, I take tea - green tea and biscuits or dark chocolate. I eat healthy things in enormous quantities. I can eat a whole chicken for supper."
- Farida Khelfa, ex-model, now works for designers Azzedine Alaia and Jean Paul Gaultier, mother of two. Lives in Paris.

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