Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Beak Is A Wonderful Thing

Melinda sent this series of photos of a bird building a mud nest on a window ledge. There are more at the source.

Thanks to Melinda we know the bird is a Rufous Hornero, native to South America. The nest, or "oven," is constructed by the male-female team. It can take from 5 days to several months to complete.

This always gets me:
"The species is monogamous and the pair bond is long term, sometimes for life."
That's true for the Northern Cardinals, 2 of which live in the bushes behind my house - Chuck and Charlene II. I suspect Charlene the First failed to outfly the visiting falcon.

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Bix said...

Birds must think humans are inferior or deformed. We can't fly and we don't have beaks, flat faces and no wings, like some kind of wiggling nematode. Do you think they laugh at us? Maybe they pity us.