Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pecans' Antioxidants Make It To The Bloodstream

I'm not posting this as a reason to go hogwild with nuts, but to show that the antioxidants we know are in them do make it into our bloodstream:

Pecans Acutely Increase Plasma Postprandial Antioxidant Capacity and Catechins and Decrease LDL Oxidation in Humans
, The Journal of Nutrition, January, 2011

The nut in question in this study was the pecan. Eating 3 ounces (about 57 halves, which I think is a lot):
  • Caused blood levels of a type of vitamin E (gamma-tocopherol) to double (after 8 hours).
  • Decreased oxidation of LDL in blood by up to 33% (after 3 hours).
Dr. Ella Haddad, associate professor at Loma Linda University's School of Public Health, Department of Nutrition:
"Our study shows these antioxidants are indeed absorbed in the body and provide a protective effect against diseases."


caulfieldkid said...

So just to make sure I'm hearing you straight: You think we should eat lots of pecan pie. Because all those pecans are good for us. :)


Bix said...

shaun, you had a reply to your comment. They sent this:

Dr. Mel said...

3 oz is a LOT. Oh, nuts!