Monday, December 24, 2012

Being Watched

I was feeding the birds. Here's Chuck. If you look behind him in the bush you can see a white-throated sparrow, waiting its turn. I know that's Chuck and not a generic cardinal because these birds, as I've witnessed, are territorial. Chuck fought off challenges from at least two males this summer. One was his son.

I felt I was being watched.



Angela and Melinda said...

I suddenly heard the theme music from "Jaws" running through my head when I saw the CAT!!!!!

Sherri Reves said...

We have cardinals nesting in our porch bushes right now too, maybe another small bird. It's driving our inside cat crazy when he hears them rustling around or chirping. Luckily the outside cat (daytime only) stays away from that area because the rooster likes being in those bushes in the daytime ^_^

Bix said...

You have an inside cat and an outside cat. That's neat. Does one just like going outside and one not?

I don't know where this black cat is from. First time I saw it. There are so many strange cats wandering around anymore.

A rooster... Do you have chickens?

Sherri Reves said...

Being on the edge of a field seems to attract stray cats - my outside cat is from the stray I tamed, but since she spent so much time outside when she was young, she's always wanting out during the day. We found our younger cat in the backyard as a baby - he's spent maybe 1 whole minute outside since finding him.

We inherited the rooster from our former neighbors. He used to be in a pigeon pen, but I didn't latch it good enough one day and I can't catch him now LOL. He spends the night in the pecan tree, then goes to the front yard during the day, hanging out with the outside cat (Milady).

Bix said...

@Shreela, so, you have a cat, raised from a baby, that just really doesn't want to go outside? Neat. I guess some animals, some personalities of some animals even, prefer indoors.

"The Cat And The Rooster" sounds like an Aesop fable. I bet there are stories to tell there.

A pecan tree!