Tuesday, December 11, 2012

An Airplane That Can Hover

Watch it take off at 2:00 minutes in. No runway!

At 6:23 in, it lands vertically, taxis, and takes off again with a spit of a runway. In less than 20 seconds.

I would love to learn to fly one of these. It would be so exhilarating. So like a bird.


Anonymous said...

One of these monstrosities flew over my house yesterday making an approach to our local airport. They are incredibly loud even from a great distance. This is because in order to "hover" they must rotate those propellors at high speed. Birdlike is not how I would describe it. It is also a well documented military contract boondoggle that has failed to perform, and has killed many in crashes.

You want birdlike: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWfph3iNC-k

Anonymous said...

The Osprey is effin awesome! Hybrids are the future man.

Bix said...

"The Osprey is effin awesome!"

LOL. Isn't it!

Bix said...

I watched the youtube from Anonymous No. 1. Neat. But he can't hover.