Monday, November 19, 2012

Walking While Working

Employees at at Salo, a Minneapolis-based financial consulting firm, walk while working on treadmill desks.
The firm offers treadmill desks for employee use and encourages an active workplace environment.

Source: Can You Move It And Work It On A Treadmill Desk?

Treadmill desks. I don't know. I can see the advantages. But it seems to accommodate an already healthy body, with good vision and a steady hand. It also goes against the idea of mindfully doing what you're doing. I mean, I wouldn't feel comfortable having a doctor explain to me the results of my MRI while she's walking on a treadmill. Maybe that's an extreme case, but it demonstrates the distribution of focus walking while working demands.


Dr. Mel said...

I honestly don't think I could do it--too much synaesthetic interference. Probably can't walk and chew gum simultaneously either. Seriously, if I were thinking hard about a work or writing topic, I think the walking would just tail off. Btw, I saw that you had posted this by looking at my own new blog--woohoo!

Dr. Mel said...

I love your example of getting results from a doc while she's treadmilling! Tres disconcerting!

Wyatt said...

Given the narcissistic socializing that passes as work now I can envision people "working" while treadmilling. Probably it could explain the crappy customer service we all experience.

Anonymous said...

This is ageist and discriminates against people with disabilities. It wouldn't be discrimination if they gave other people time off with pay to exercise in a more suitable way. Also self indulgent if you ask me. People get paid to do a JOB.