Monday, October 15, 2012

David Rose? Or Hunter Dunn?

I saw this story on The Huffington Post:
David Rose Dead: Deaf Quadriplegic Twitter Sensation Dies

According to the article, and Rose's blog, David Rose was born with cerebral palsy. In addition to it limiting his movement, it also affected the part of his brain that processes hearing. According to his blog, "He hears nothing. Not even silence."

That Rose learned and effectively communicated in English was quite a feat given his disabilities. His blog says he used a Tobii computer which tracks eye movement using infrared light. It allows his eyes to act like a computer mouse, clicking by staring at a point or blinking. Rose typed 3 or 4 words per minute this way.

Also, according to the article, when Rose learned he had pneumonia he "wrote" a post for his blog that he asked his sister to publish in the event of his passing. At 3 or 4 words per minute, I can imagine this post probably took the greater part of a day to write: (While he was in the hospital being treated for a debilitating infection?)
Three Friends And A Whole Lot More

An excerpt:
i learn in a short life that what make the world special are good people like all you. otherwise it just be boring blue rock zipping around the sun looking for trouble. you are all special. all of you unique! love each other and make each other smile. a good joke is good medicine! make sure everyone around you have a smile ok? always do what is right. always! but forgive yourself if you forget sometimes

i have to go now. i love you all. i really do. you are amazing. i will never forget you!
This is an emotional story. It seemed incredible that a young man who couldn't hear since birth, and couldn't use sign language, managed to communicate as effectively as he did. Or did he? Here's another site I saw this morning while writing this post. Look at the photo of the man named Hunter Dunn (you may have to flip through the photos by clicking "next") and compare it to the photo above of David Rose:

Lighting a Tree For Hunter

Now, I'm not sure what to believe.


Bix said...

It looks like his blog was just deleted. Odd.

Teresa Giudice said...

Just read this. Heartbreaking...

Bix said...

And his Twitter account.

Bix said...

Oh, for crying out loud...

Dr. Mel said...

I don't get it. What was the point?

caulfieldkid said...

Well. Not having vested anything in the fake persona, this reads like a movie script. Or something similar.

I feel bad for those that were lied to. Sad really.


Dr. Mel said...

But what was the reason for doing this? Who profited or reaped any sort of benefit from it?

Bix said...

There's some discussion here: