Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Kitten And The Vole

Just when I thought our vole problem was out of control.



Bix said...

Must be a neighbor's pet. I never saw him? before.

This must be the first cat photo I've posted ... in 8 years.

Dr. Mel said...

Bix, I think this cat has your name on it. Good neighbors don't let their cats roam w/o collar or tags. It's yours now!

Bix said...

He's eaten two voles now, that I can attest to. He whacks them with his claw, knocks them unconscious I guess, then double whacks them in the air, like he's juggling. I got a little too close as he was chewing and heard, you know, bones crunching. Ugh ... well, it's an ecosystem out there.