Thursday, April 12, 2012

What Does Music Do To Our Brain?



Anonymous said...

Tears here. Thanks for posting this, Bix. Shows there's more to health than what's on your plate.

caulfieldkid said...

That's a neat program. Music therapy, in general, seems like a great idea; I'm for it.

I have to say, I'm privileged enough to work in a place that lets me listen to music throughout the day. I take advantage of that.

I don't know what music does to the brain, but it's not just for the elderly or the sick. It reaches everyone.

Claudia said...

Music soothes the savage beast, or wakes him up! Depends on what you listen to. Me, whenever I'm in a funk, Tom Jones WooHooo!

I wish they done this for my mother. She loved music! She would have died happy. Or happier who dies happy? They didn't have ipods back then, walkmans but they were still expensive.

Bix said...

Have to say, I shed a few tears too. There's so much going on in this. It sure does look like the music woke him up, as you said, Claudia. There's probably also an effect of people paying attention to him, not treating him as a chore or a nuisance. They asked him about himself, and hung onto his responses. What a gift.

Bix said...

"'s not just for the elderly or the sick. It reaches everyone."

So true.