Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Going Vegan

Tara Parker-Pope tackles "The Challenge Of Going Vegan" in her New York Times' Well Blog. She doesn't go into the whys, just the hows. If your why is solid, I think your how is less difficult.

Here's a clip of Ellen DeGeneres being interviewed by Katie Couric. She talks about why she went vegan.



Anonymous said...

You don't find people of her integrity who say what they believe and live it. People disparage factory farming for what it does to the environment and the animal but they turn around and support it by buying it. Industrial dairy farms employ some of the most godforesaken practices in the business but you always hear "I need my dairy!" They milk cows far beyond what's healthy for them, keep them pregnant, take away the calves. Good for her!

Dr. Mel said...

Godforsaken is a good adjective in this case, Anon.