Saturday, April 28, 2012

Breads From Grindstone Bakery

Someone1 from Google+ posted this photo of breads he purchased from Grindstone Bakery in California:

From Grindstone's site:
"All of our breads and cookies are free of Modern Wheat*, Yeast, and Dairy and many are also GLUTEN FREE. Our Nutrient Dense loaves are made with 100% Organic Whole Grains that are Stone Ground to a coarse flour just before the dough is mixed.

After a long natural fermentation, the loaves are finally baked to a dark golden perfection.

*Spelt is an ancient variety of Wheat."
I'd love to try them. I like the care that was taken to produce them ... sourcing good ingredients, using a course grind, fermenting, slow cooking.
1 Looks like the source was +Kevin Bae.


Dr. Mel said...

Hi Bix, you might want also to check out Four Worlds Bakery (closer than California!). They specialize in naturally fermented breads made from freshly milled grains (they mill a lot of the grain right at their store). I got to know the guy when I was still part of Selene Co-op, and it's very good bread. See here:; and see also here:
Not sure if you'd be interested in these or not. He does use yeast in the fermentation process.

Dr. Mel said...

I love the mediaeval illustrations on Grindstone's website!

Bix said...

Looking at the site now...

They both use flour. Not that there's anything wrong with that but I'm hooked on these dense, whole grain and cracked grain breads. I think I'm going to buy some rye and sprout it and try a bread like German pumpernickel. Rye will be the only ingredient. I can't wait.

bijin said...

Will have to check these breads when I'm in SF this summer.

caulfieldkid said...


As penance for the doughnut picture, I'm requesting a picture of the pumpernickel and its recipe (whenever you have a chance to make that project happen) :).


Bix said...

Penance! Ok, I'm up for it. I'm glad you didn't give me an end date. It took me a year to perfect my wheat&barley bread.