Saturday, April 07, 2012

Birds Must Live In Another Dimension

Birds must live in another dimension, because I don't see this when I watch them:

Expressive Scenes From The Life Of Sparrow

He has some others there, mid-air tussles and a few feeding photos. Amazing what there is to see when we slow down their lives. It makes me wonder how they perceive us. We must be slow movers, like how we see whales.


Bix said...

Speaking of the fight, Chuck has been rather engaged defending his territory from a flock of aggressive blue jays. The feathers fly! In a fight between a cardinal and a blue jay, I wouldn't say the cardinal would win. But Chuck reigns.

Adele Hawkins said...

Whoa! That first shot is incredible.

bijin said...

At first I thought they were LLadro pieces. Beautiful shots!

Claudia said...

Awesome. Sparrows are the real angry birds!

Dr. Mel said...


Jim Donahue said...