Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Admirable Apple

Just saw this video on Dr. Gregor's site:

He sited this study:
Daily Apple Consumption Promotes Cardiovascular Health In Postmenopausal Women, FASEB, April 2011

"Animal findings suggest that apple and its components, e.g. apple pectin and polyphenols improve lipid metabolism and lower the production of proinflammatory molecules.

To our knowledge, the present study is the first that evaluated the cardioprotective effects of daily consumption of apple for one year in postmenopausal women.

Qualified women (160) were randomly assigned to one of the two dietary intervention groups: dried apple (75g/day) or comparative control dried fruit.

Fasting blood samples were collected at baseline, 3-, 6-, and 12-month to measure various parameters. Our findings indicate that the additional daily caloric intake of ~240 from dried apple not only do not increase body weight but rather lower it by 1.5 kg without altering habitual dietary intake.

In this study, apple consumption significantly reduced serum levels of TC and LDL by 14% and 23%, respectively. The daily apple consumption also profoundly improved atherogenic risk ratios in addition to lowering serum levels of lipid hydroperoxide (33%) and C-reactive protein (32%).

In conclusion, incorporation of apple into regular diet is encouraged because of its highly favorable effects in reducing the risk factors for cardiovascular disease."
So, eating 2.6 ounces of dried apple rings a day for a year:
  • Lowered total cholesterol by 14%
  • Lowered LDL cholesterol by 23%
  • Lowered C-reactive protein by 32% (CRP is a marker for inflammation)
  • Reduced weight by ~3.3 pounds
How about that. I wonder what the "control dried fruit" was. And I wonder if the reductions were compared to baseline or to the control group. Regardless, there's something admirable about apples.

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