Thursday, December 15, 2011

Commenting On Google Blogs

I think I discovered why I can't comment on other people's blogs, and why they can't comment on mine. When I put a check-mark next to "Accept third party cookies" in my browser options, which I had purposely left unchecked before, suddenly I could post to others' blogs. So, Google must have changed their code?

It looks like they did:
Cookie Filtering, And Commenting Ability, The Real Blogger Status, What Blogger Won't Tell You, June 2011

I changed my comment settings to use the full page instead of the pop-up window. I'm hoping this allows people to comment without having to "Accept third party cookies," adjust any other cookie permissions or other browser options.

1 comment:

Bix said...

I suppose I'll have to keep accepting third party cookies if I want to comment elsewhere.