Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What People Around The World Eat When They Wake Up

A look-see how people around the world break their fasts:
50 of the World’s Best Breakfasts

There's so much to say!
  • First ... humans look to be omnivores.
  • Eggs are a common breakfast food.
  • Some type of processed, cured meat shows up a lot.
  • Hawaiians are going to live, like, forever. (#7)
  • The Turks don't mind washing dishes. (#50)
  • When in doubt, fry it.
Germans like their food extruded:

Moroccans have a starch tooth:

Italians like art:

I like these next two. I think it's the spiciness I'm after.


Thanks to BL.


Laurie Endicott Thomas said...

Biologically, human beings are opportunistic feeders, not true omnivores.

Bix said...

That's interesting, Laurie, that humans aren't omnivores.

caulfieldkid said...

I'm curious, how does one determine that? Are they looking at the digestive system (teeth to intestines), or are there some other markers?


Dr. Mel said...

This is making me so hungry! I love breakfast but almost never eat it, except when I'm travelling. When I was a kid, "breakfast for dinner" was our favorite dinner!
I thought trad. English breakfast had broiled tomato halves too?
And I echo Shaun in how we know what humans are meant to eat--and for that matter, what's the difference b/tw opportunistic and omnivorous?
Cheers--I would kill for some eggs right now!

Bix said...

You almost never eat it? I'll be...

I like black coffee when I get up. I can't think of food for hours.

Lots of people commented how these aren't traditional meals, but it's ok, I still saw trends.

There's been a lot on the news recently about the world's population reaching 7 billion, and the problems that are arising in feeding us. I recall a woman in India saying "All we eat anymore is rice and dal! Vegetables are too expensive." And I thought of what the Indians can do with rice and dal ... they're so talented!

Dr. Mel said...

Well, I do have black tea in order to function.... But, like you, I'm not hungry first thing in the a.m. So I eat lunch. And dinner.