Monday, May 16, 2011

Endeavor's Lift-Off

Endeavor weighed 4.5 million pounds at lift-off, lost half that weight (in fuel) in about 1.30 seconds. ... Traveling at 1300 miles per hour at about a minute in. ... Boosters burning 11,000 pounds of fuel per second.

Would you take a trip into space?


caulfieldkid said...

Would I? Provided it was an all expenses paid kind of deal, yes. I don't see how you could pass that up.

By the way, I would be willing to fight for the window seat too.


Bix said...

A window seat! Can you imagine seeing the earth, the whole world as we know it, recede? It must change your perceptions.

I would like to experience zero gravity. Not the roller coaster feeling, but the weightlessness, the inability to sense up and down. (I think I'd lose lunch.)

virginia said...

I cannot believe I missed the launch! Usually I can walk outside, and just look up...

If I were to able to train myself to use the 90-second rule, I might be able to overcome my fear of being stuck in that tiny space ship for a week.

Perovskia said...

We watched it at work at lunch time! It was exciting.

I would probably go, you know, health conditions not a factor and all :)

Dr. Mel said...

I'd go!!!! Or to the moon!