Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Photographer Isa Leshko's Elderly Animals

Isa Leshko: Elderly Animals (10 photos)
"As I’ve worked on this project, though, I’ve come to realize that these images are a testament to survival and endurance. And they raise questions about what it means to be elderly."
- Isa Leshko

Marino, Bronze Turkey, Age 5

There's something about this Irish Wolfhound I indentify with. "Of great size and commanding appearance" I am not. Maybe it's the curiosity.

Kelly, Irish Wolfhound, Age 11
Thanks to BL.

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Angela and Melinda said...

These are really lovely, Bix. I posted the link on my FB. The animals are so dignified--I only hope I can age as well myself. It's also interesting to note what comprises "old age" in different species.